How many different Mario games exists and what is their content?


Donkey Kong is an arcade computer game discharged in 1981 by Nintendo. The diversion was discharged a couple of years before the NES console was discharged, the first home console to include this amusement was the Atari 2600 discharged in the next year of 1982. The amusement was a major hit with buyers and sold an expected one million duplicates. The diversion was along these lines discharged on an assortment of stages, all of which can be seen underneath. The diversion generated a few continuations and was among the most punctual platforming computer games to be discharged furthermore the first to highlight the characters Donkey Kong and Mario. In the diversion, the player controls Mario, initially known as Jump-man, over a progression of supports trying to save one of his first lady friends, Pauline, initially known as "Woman", who was captured by Donkey Kong. In the amusement, Jump-man is required to bounce over barrels and other comparative obstructions that Donkey Kong sends down to the legend.


This is an arcade game brought up by Nintendo in 1983. This featured Mario as the first player and Luigi as the second player in the multiplayer mode. This game was the successor to donkey Kong and the predecessor to Super Mario Bros. the objective of the game was to fix a leak in the water tap and was a game of plumbing jobs.


In Super Mario Bros., the character Mario sets off on an enterprise to spare the excellent Princess Peach Toadstool from King Bowser Koopa. She is equipped for switching the dark enchantment of King Koopa, which clarifies his thought processes in abducting her. Lord Koopa utilizes his enchantment on the Mushroom Kingdom and changes the Toads of the area into mushrooms and stones. In the multiplayer mode, the second player will take control of Mario's sibling Luigi when the first player loses an existence.


Yoshi is an amusement for the NES and Game Boy that stars Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi. In Japan, it is known as Yoshi no Tamago, which means Yoshi's Egg, while in European nations the diversion is known as Mario and Yoshi. The player will either control Mario or Luigi as they attempt to take out specific pieces by covering them up with one another.


Super Mario Kart is a hustling amusement that can be played with maybe a couple players (the last being split-screen), as opposed to alternate recreations in the arrangement where no less than four individuals can play (in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii, 8 and 12 players can play on the double, separately). In single player mode, it will in any case be split-screen however the base will include a guide of the stage. Prior to the player begins the race, he/she needs to pick one of eight distinct characters, including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Toad, Donkey Kong Jr., and Koopa Troopa. A short time later, they need to pick one of four unique glasses with five courses in each. After every course, the player is remunerated a set measure of focuses; nine for initial, six for second, three for third, and one for fourth. The main three characters with the most measure of focuses toward the end of the five races wins.

In addition to these games there are also other games like Mario tennis, Mario baseball etc. Some of the games were re-released to be compatible with Wii and the later versions of Gameboy.