Unfair Mario Description

When you are playing the game Unfair Mario you will quickly see that nothing is as it appears as you try to avoid all of the booby traps in order to be able to get the final flag. The game is as the title suggests, unfair. The game is a somewhat like the traditional Mario games however it has what appears to be countless traps in it. You will either have an exciting time playing this game or you will give up too easily do to the unfairness of it all. When you play this game you need to be fearless. You need to try to progress through the game while getting poked, prodded and plummeting to your death. And the best (or worst depending how you look at it) part of the game is that it will make no secret of how many times you have died. The game play is just the same as any other Mario type game. You will try to jump out of the way or over something only to find yourself dead once again. The graphics on this game are just the same as any other 2D platformer. You can't really judge the graphics though as you are getting exactly what you expect. While you may be thinking Unfair Mario is a game you should skip it is actually highly addictive fun. It is fun and challenging while being quite frustrating to play. Overall this game is a great deal of fun to play. You can have contests with your friends to see who has died the most. Unfair Mario should be at the top of your list when you are looking for a game that will truly challenge you. It will truly leave you surprised at home many times and ways that you can die as you try to progress through the game.


Use the arrow keys to move.

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Playunfairmario.Net was founded in 2013, October. Our aim is our visitors would be pleased and wouldn't wish to exit this website, so we wish you have fun on this site. Here i will tell you something about about unfair mario: Unfair Mario is a game of Mario Bros., but a very difficult and unfair. You will die more often than you'd like, get frustrated and become angry. That's what developers quiren.

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